Do you struggle to balance your personal life with your work life?  It’s important to make time in your life for a healthier, happier you.  Some ways to do that are to schedule downtime, exercise, pick activities that relax you, and rethink your errands.

Too often, we over schedule our appointments, children’s activities, and even vacations.  How often do we schedule downtime – a night out with friends, an activity with family, date night with your spouse, or going to the park with our dog?  If the activity is on the calendar, those involved work harder to make the activity happen.  Some families schedule an activity for the same time each week. It could be going to the park, a movie, or a meal out together.

Scheduling yourself for a day to day event helps plan your day as well.  Having a set time to go to the gym or to read that book that you can’t put down helps you.  Remember when you would get home from school, eat a snack, and get right to homework?  That structure can benefit you as an adult, too.  Whether you get up early to get an hour of time on your hobby in before work, or immediately after work, if it helps you rejuvenate, it’s worth it.


Exercise, for many people, is a great way to boost your energy level.  Exercise can also help reduce stress, which often helps with concentration.  Helping you become more alert and efficient with your time.  While that half hour or so of exercise may seem like a lot, it pays off in the long run.

Running day-to-day and weekly errands takes up a lot of time.  Yard work could be completed by a nearby teenage kid, wanting to earn money.  Ordering the groceries online and either picking them up or having them delivered is an option in larger towns have this service available. There are also dinner services that can be picked up or mailed to your home, where you make and freeze or have delivered and add the fresh produce. You could order stamps online, send your pictures to online companies like Snapfish,  or have your appointments scheduled through the internet, all at your convenience.  Even if you have a budget to follow, you may find that saving your time will be worth the extra expense, especially as it usually isn’t a high amount.

Making relaxation a priority will help you in the long term.   It doesn’t have to be an extravagant amount of time.  Start with attainable goals.  Leave work early one night a week.  Spend an hour a week on a hobby you used to enjoy. No matter what kind of day it was, you can give yourself fifteen minutes and do something that you enjoy – a warm bath, go for a walk, blast the music and have a dance session.  Make time for you.


Prioritizing and balancing your work life is an attainable goal.  Take the time to schedule, exercise, streamline your errand running, and relax.  You will feel better for it.