Making the choice to switch careers is BIG. The first question to confirm if you need to jump ship is… are you happy? Are you happy with the current position you are in or can you stand to shake things up? If your answers are leaning more towards a career switch, it’s time! It’s time to assess your interests and how that can translate into a career that interests and challenges you.

Don’t let fear rule your decisions! While career changes can be stressful, they also teach us how to reconstruct our way of thinking. Rather than completely dismissing the idea of switching careers because it’s difficult, you should embrace it. Disrupting your professional progress and allowing yourself to take risks is a healthy outlook to working. So, don’t sweat the itch! Allowing yourself to use the strengths of your previous career to the skills that are suitable towards your new career also sets you up for success.

new mindset


Planning is essential to this task. Instead of making a rushed decision to quit your job and taking the figure it out approach, write a plan! Rather than feeling like a leap of faith, it would be more like a calculated step in the right direction. Alleviate the fear of the unknown when you take control of your future. Take our quiz on what career field is best for you and it could give you a sense of what your next step should be. Once you figure out what path is best for you, the job hunt is next!

Don’t just dust off your old resume for the next job. Polish it up and research the skills and certifications needed. Adding these qualities to your resume will give you more confidence in obtaining the job and allow your resume to stand out with your difference of professional background. During this time you should also branch out to meet people within that field. Making moves to grow your network can make it easier to know what to expect and find a job by referral.

Overall, the message to leave you with is to follow your passions! Feeling stuck at a job can be the worst experience. Don’t subject yourself to a life without challenges and excitement. Living to work is not the dream for dreamers! Working to live and enjoying the job you do should be the goal. Making the decision to switch careers is BIG because you are not only changing your career, but your life for the better. Lead a life of fulfillment.

Embrace the itch!