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Making Your Workspace a Zen Home

You spend enough time at work, it is almost like a second home.  Why not take steps to make sure it’s just as relaxing and comfortable as your home sweet home?  There are plenty of [...]

  • write book

Recharging At Home, Ready for Work

Working a long 9 to 5 day can be exhausting.  You need proper time to rest and allow yourself to recharge for the rest of the week. If you have trouble taking the time for [...]

  • make money
  • online money

Who Has Time to Make Money Online?

All over social media and people publishing how they are making a living without leaving their homes. How long does it take to be able to get to their level? Is it worth it to [...]

  • virtual assistant
  • new skills

Virtual Assistants, the New It Career

Some jobs never go away or change much over the years. Then there are those that come out of necessity or mold and change with time. The Virtual Assistant is one of those careers that [...]

  • parent school

How to Support your Child’s Teacher

There’s no question that teachers are consistently put through the ringer. With increasing class sizes, and constant pressure from administration and parents, teachers are feeling more frazzled than ever. How can you help? Increase your [...]

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  • court reporter

Online Certificate Programs that Pay Well

Are you considering a change in careers? Don’t have the time and resources to start a 2-4 year degree? Look into certificate programs. There are many options and some can be completed in as little [...]


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