• raise

The Right Time for a Raise

Raises and promotions can help us feel like we’re climbing the ladder to success in our careers. If you’re starting to feel under appreciated or left behind, you may be thinking about asking your boss [...]

  • Career Counselor

Resolve Workplace Conflict

Conflict keeps us from reaching our full potential. Being worried about issues with coworkers takes up too much space in your mind that should be focused on other things. Conflict at work can also cause [...]

  • Scrabble Tiles

Improve the Mental Health of Your Employees

Health is more than just keeping our physical bodies healthy. We need to stay mentally fit as well. With all the hours that we spend dedicated to our profession, we need to pay attention to [...]

  • Its time for a new job sign

Transition Zen

Deciding on a career change can be a big step that brings on a lot of uncertainty, but staying calm and focused is an important part of any journey. You don’t want your old work [...]

  • gift idea
  • diffuser

The Best Gifts When Working from Home

Working from home has become a new reality for more and more people this year. This means that your go-to gifts will not do. The routine office gifts are out, and you need to find [...]

  • work from home blues
  • cat at desk

Battle the Loneliness Due to Working from Home

Home is our refuge from the outside world. What happens when staying home is the thing you need to get away from? Working from home leads to being alone, and at some point, we all [...]


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