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Be A Boss That Doesn’t Cause Stress

Stress is something that we cannot avoid in life. There is stress surrounding every area of our lives. We have relationships and responsibilities within our personal lives that we must balance. There is always something [...]

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What Personality Are You in The Workplace?

It takes a lot of different personalities to have a thriving work environment. If everyone were the same, it wouldn't work out too well. Who would pick up the slack in the areas that you [...]

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Is it Okay to Turn Down a Promotion?

Receiving a promotion is supposed to be an incredible honor. It’s given to recognize your hard work and achievements in the work place. But what if you don’t want it? Here are some compelling reasons [...]

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How to Ask for a Raise

Many people are in serious need of a raise with inflation on the rise. As awkward as these conversations can be, they’re completely necessary. Prepare yourself the best you can by utilizing these tips to [...]

You Can Work Well with Anyone with These Skills

Dealing with others is something we all must deal with no matter what we do. We get to choose who we want to be around and who we would rather keep our distance from in [...]

Journals Are Not Just for Your Personal Life

Journaling can be used for many different purposes. They are a great way to keep your thought all in one place. Whether you are trying to record your daily events or your insights into life [...]


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