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What is a Career Personality Test?

Finding a career that suits your personality is easier than you think. Avoid working at a job you’ll end up hating by catering your profession to your strengths. A career personality test can help you identify a job where you can excel. What is it? What is a career personality test and what can it tell you? An article written Geoff Williams for explains, [...]

How to Support your Child’s Teacher

There’s no question that teachers are consistently put through the ringer. With increasing class sizes, and constant pressure from administration and parents, teachers are feeling more frazzled than ever. How can you help? Increase your support of your child’s teacher with the following ideas. Volunteer Have you ever met a teacher who doesn’t love a parent volunteer? Me neither. There’s a really good chance your [...]

Online Certificate Programs that Pay Well

Are you considering a change in careers? Don’t have the time and resources to start a 2-4 year degree? Look into certificate programs. There are many options and some can be completed in as little as six months. Here are a few that are cost effective and the pay is excellent. Real Estate Broker In order to become a real estate broker, you’ll need a [...]

In Demand Careers for the Next 10 Years

Are you looking to change careers? Are you a recent high school grad who isn’t sure what to select as a major in college? Choosing an area of study can feel stressful due to concerns of relevancy, compensation and possible over saturation. To help quiet these fears, here’s a look at some careers that pay well and are projected to see tremendous growth in the [...]

It’s Time to Change Careers

There has never been a better time to make a career change than now. With an abundance of jobs currently available, now is the perfect time to explore your options. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider changing careers. More Money If you’ve been working at your current job for a while and haven’t received a raise, you should [...]

Summer Throws a Hot Curve Ball to Our Work Attire 

For some, summer is the time to blow off everything and only focus on having fun. For others, nothing changes about their routine other than the temperature. Those in the full-time workforce don't get to blow off responsibilities and enjoy the sun. They have to worry about what the sun is going to do to their work attire.   Showing Skin When it starts to [...]

Are You Prepared for Heading Back to The Office?

With things changing once again, many are having to relocate their workspaces. Jobs that had the option to work from home are now headed back to the office. Everyone has found a routine and a new normal in their home office spaces. Are you ready to give it up and start the commute back to the office building? There are a few things you will [...]

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