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A Dual-Purpose Bag Will Make Your Life Simpler

We run home from work and change into our everyday clothes, and with the switch, we have to switch purses. The bag we take to work is not always the purse we like to take shopping or, for mothers, the lovely diaper bag that is needed. How many times have you switched bags to find out at the worst moment you forgot something in your [...]

Taking Your Profession to the Next Level

When it comes to your profession and job, you should always be trying to improve and grow within your field.  Constantly challenging yourself is the sure way to stay motivated, focused, and evolve with the times.  If you get stuck in a work rut, it’s easy to lose passion for the thing you spend most of your time doing.  Brainstorm some interesting ways to keep [...]

Staying Motivated and Productive at Your Home Office

Now more than ever people are working from home.  This newer approach to work life has taken over the world whether we were ready for it or not.  For some this was an easy transition, but for others, it can be challenging settling into a work schedule and committing to getting the job done while being at home.  If you still find yourself struggling to [...]

Improve the Mental Health of Your Employees

Health is more than just keeping our physical bodies healthy. We need to stay mentally fit as well. With all the hours that we spend dedicated to our profession, we need to pay attention to how it affects us mentally. As a supervisor or employer, taking care of your employee's mental health should be on your radar. Take care of their mental health, and you [...]

Transition Zen

Deciding on a career change can be a big step that brings on a lot of uncertainty, but staying calm and focused is an important part of any journey. You don’t want your old work funk or bad habits to follow you into a new arena. Finding personal peace and fulfillment was the point of making these changes, right? Taking small steps may help you [...]

Battle the Loneliness Due to Working from Home

Home is our refuge from the outside world. What happens when staying home is the thing you need to get away from? Working from home leads to being alone, and at some point, we all need the company of others. We are social creatures and need time around others. How can we battle the loneliness when we are secluded away working from home?   Leave [...]

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