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Job Search Tips

Looking for a new job can be an overwhelming task. There are a few steps that can make this process a little easier and less intimidating. These steps include knowing what you want for your next job, refining your resume to target specific positions and companies, networking, and proper preparation for your interview.   Do Your Homework Start by creating a checklist of what you [...]

What to Wear

You have the perfect resume, rehearsed answers to the possible questions, and have done the research on your potential new company, so what’s left? Your outfit. What are you going to wear? This is your big opportunity. Your outfit is the chance to make a great first impression on your potential employer and future company. But what is the perfect outfit?   The first point [...]

Supporting your Loved Ones who Hate their Jobs

The likelihood is high that you have someone in your life who consistently complains about their job. It can be hard to determine what an appropriate response should be in these situations. Here are a few tips to help you support the people in your life who are struggling professionally. Ask Questions You're friend or family member is going to find a way to bring [...]

Getting Along with Different Personalities in the Workplace

You have enough to worry about at work without having to stress about navigating different personalitiy types. Not only can it be tricky, it can also be exhausting trying to figure out how to best manage your coworkers. If you want to skip a whole lot of trial and error, here is a cheat sheet on the major personalities you'll find in your workplace. Ambitious [...]

Motivational Quotes to Get You Through the Work Week

There is no shame in needing motivational quotes to get you through a week. Work can be hard. It can feel overwhelming, frustrating and just plain boring at times. If you find yourself struggling and needing a little pick-me-up, check out these five quotes to help you kick start your motivation.   “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you [...]

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