It takes a lot of different personalities to have a thriving work environment. If everyone were the same, it wouldn’t work out too well. Who would pick up the slack in the areas that you lack? You have to find the right balance to succeed. It is also good to recognize what type of personality you are. This way, you can also market yourself better to future employers. They can know exactly how to use you and where you will fit into their company.



The driver is a powerful personality. It is someone who is a go-getter. They see what needs to be done, and they will make it happen one way or another. This type of person can be more on the stubborn side. It can be challenging for them to come up with more creative answers to a problem. However, they focus on the data and use that to help them through a crisis. A driver is an excellent asset to any team. It would help if you always had someone willing to do what it takes to get a problem solved or a job done.



A guardian personality is less in your face than the driver’s personality, but they have as much to offer. They are very focused on the details. Nothing will go unnoticed as these individuals usually fall on the perfectionist side. Being on the quiet side does not mean they do not have a lot to say. They like to think through an issue before speaking up and voicing their thoughts. Their careful nature can cause them to be unwilling to decide on a matter quickly. A guardian is a very reliable person to have on the team.



If you do not have an integrator on your team, you will know it. This personality is focused on the job at hand and those doing the work. The relationships of those working together are something they keep in mind while completing tasks. They can be seen as the diplomatic one of the groups. One goal is complete the job, and the other are to accomplish it through a consensus. This can only be an issue when there is a right and a wrong way. Not all complications can be solved by listening to all. With an integrator on the team, everyone will feel that their voice was heard.



The last personality to look at is the pioneer. Like any other pioneer, they are not worried about being the first to try something new. A pioneer is a born leader. They are willing to take a risk to try and solve an issue. This can cause some problems with other members of the team that do not like to take risks. Finding a way to balance the impulsive nature of the personality with the other team members is needed to be a successful team.


Find where you fit in a team.