At times, work can make you feel unmotivated, burnt out, and overwhelmed. Don’t let your job get you down! If you’re in need of some ideas to help you push through a period of burn out, here are a few suggestions.

Mental Health Check

Regular mental health check-ins with yourself are an absolute must. If you’re finding it difficult to stay focused, develop motivation, or do your job with any kind of enthusiasm, it might be time to ask yourself if your mental health is as good as it could be. If the answer is no, try to identify areas in your life that you can address to improve your headspace. Poor mental health can hold you back from a lot. If you’re struggling and can’t seem to get out of the funk you’re in, talk to your doctor about your options. Therapy and medication are both excellent ways to treat mental health issues.

Take Breaks

Studies have shown that taking breaks can actually make you more productive. Working in 20-30 minute segments with short breaks in between is the recipe for increased productivity. Challenge yourself to give your complete focus to the task at hand for 20-30 solid minutes. After that stretch of time is over, take a break to get a snack, talk to a coworker, check your social media or any other thing that you can fit into your 5-10 minute break. This method helps cut down on distractions so you can effectively get your work done.

Remember Your Goals

When you’re struggling to push through that feeling of burn out, it can be helpful to remember why you’re working in the first place. What financial, personal and professional goals are keeping you at your place of employment? What do you stand to gain if you put forth a little extra effort? These are your reasons to keep going.

Consider Changing Careers

You’re not stuck at any job. An article written by Jamie Birt for states, “If you don’t think you can be happy and motivated in your current job, consider looking at different career options. Consider your transferable skills and how you could position your qualifications for other careers and industries. You can also explore the idea of going back to school or entering a training program for a complete career change.”

Treat Yourself

Establishing a reward system for when you meet milestones at work is a great way to push through lack of motivation. Create a series of goals and designate gifts for yourself when you accomplish each step of the process. This will give you extra incentive to work hard and do your best even when you’re not feeling up to it. Remember to enjoy some of your hard earned money. You deserve it!

Feeling burnt out is something many adults feel. Get to the root of the issue by utilizing the above mentioned tips.