There have been many changes with those changes comes adjusting. One of the hardest things to adjust to is a new job. There are so many unknowns. Completing the tasks that you are hired for is only part of the transition. Fitting into a new office and finding a new routine is much more difficult. Try some of these ideas to make it easier.


Test Drive

Before your first day of work, drive to the office a few times. Find the right route for you. Getting to work late on your first day is not the way to get on your coworker’s right side. There will be less stress on your first day if you know that you will not get lost or stuck in traffic you could have avoided. A little bit of effort before starting your new job will make the transition smoother.


Take Notes

Taking notes is not over just because we are out of school. Writing down important tasks could help you not to forget. Another thing that would be beneficial to record is all the new names you will be bombarded with on your first day. When you get a chance, jot down the names and something to help you remember them. This trick will help you from having to ask someone name over and over. Being able to recall without asking could help impress your new boss and coworkers.


Immerse Yourself

Listen and watch the culture of the office. When and where does everyone eat lunch? Don’t seclude yourself. Get to know those you work with. Take the time to go to any outings that are planned. Even if it isn’t your thing, you don’t want to be seen as someone that doesn’t want to engage. Participation will show everyone that you want to be included and get to know them. The more effort you give, the more acceptance you will get in return. The transition is much more comfortable with friends.


Stay Positive

Keep a positive attitude. There are going to bumps in the road. Being prepared can help ease into a new position, but you cannot account for everything. The worst thing would be to get depressed over the little setbacks. Stay in a good mood, and things will right themselves. Getting in a sour mood will only make your tasks harder to accomplish and coworkers more standoffish. Others are drawn to those with positive attitudes.


Don’t Critique

There are ways for every office to improve. Don’t be in a hurry to voice how you would change things too early. Even if your remarks are valid until you are less of an outsider, your ideas could be met with resistance. They will be some that even take offense to your comments. Take the time to learn how the office works before giving any advice.


Transitions in life are complicated. Find what works for you and make all of life’s changes more simple.