When you get your dream vehicle, you dream of all the fun, exciting places that it is going to take you. The last thing you are thinking about is the drive to and from work. We are not all lucky enough to live close to work. The commute can take a lot out of a car. By the time you are ready to take it on a well-deserved vacation, it will need to be replaced. Invest in a family commuter car for all those miles you don’t want to break down your good vehicle. Check out some of these great options. You may find the perfect commuter car is your ideal car.


Mazda 3

The first thing you need to look for in a great commuter car is the mileage. The Mazda 3 can get 26/35 miles per gallon. The all-wheel-drive model gets a little less. Other perks start before you even get inside. No need to have your keys in your hand with a push start. As long as you have them in your bag, you are ready to go. Once inside, you will notice all the luxuries they have added, starting with all LED lights. Large display screens make it easy and safer for you to navigate while driving. The Mazda 3 does lack the cargo space, and the back seat is not as large as other vehicles. This will not be the go-to road trip car but makes a great commuter.


Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a sporty option. Unlike the Mazda 3 the cabin is very comfortable and has enough room for everyone. With this vehicle, you will be the go-to driver for carpool. There is plenty of cargo space for whatever you need to bring with you along with the large cabin. The Subaru Outback is more than a car, but not quite a truck. It’s the perfect in-between crossover. Drive it to work all week and then down a dirt road to the perfect campsite on the weekends. It is the ideal dual vehicle. One complaint is that there is a lot of noise heard in the cabin when reaching high speeds on the highway.


Toyota Corolla

The new Toyota Corolla Hybrid takes good gas mileage to the next level achieving 50mpg in the city. If you want to cut down on cost, this is the car for you. Owners praise it for its reliability. It comes with all the modern conveniences that we are used to. It was made for Apple product owners to connect so you can easily use your devices while driving. Like many cars, it does not have the same amount of space. Five adults may not be the most comfortable for long car rides. The trunk also gives you less cargo space than a typical car, which would make it less ideal for road trips.


Find a commuter car to save mileage on your dream car, or you may find a vehicle that can be both.