Are you having a hard time landing the job you want? While you are searching for the right job, add more skills to your resume. Trying to stand out in the sea of applicants can be difficult. Every little bit can help make your resume rise to the top. Pick skills that can be used by all companies. Below are suggestions that will impress every future employer.



There are many programs, but one that every office uses is Microsoft. Take the time to experiment with each one so that you are prepared and tell your future employer that you know how to use each one. Excel is an especially valuable program that they have. There are many simple classes that you can take to teach you the intricacies. Spend time mastering excel with eLearnExcel. After completing a CPD certificate, you can have something concrete on your resume to show your dedication to learning.


Public Speaking

Suppose we took a poll more people than not would admit to having a fear of public speaking. Public speaking skills are not only useful when in school during presentations. Those skills can roll over into being the face of a company, presenting ideas, or just expressing yourself in regular work activities. Having the confidence to speak well is a skill every employer will be looking for. Forbes has a course you can take online that would be a great addition to your resume’s skills sections. Along with beefing up your resume, it will also help you impress them during the interview.



Microsoft may cover the typical duties in and office, but Adobe can help take you over the top. With businesses now needing to have a presence online, they need people who know how to create. Learning to use Adobe and edit and put together eye-catching images is a great talent to grow. Try with Adobe training course to learn the trick needed to impress your future boss. Being able to jump right in creating content will get you noticed by your next employer. You can also use this skill to up your own social media game.

Second Language

Having a second language up your sleeve is a huge benefit to businesses. With employees that speak more than one language, they can serve more people. There are many programs available to learn another language. Duo Lingo is an app that is gaining popularity. It is as simple as playing on your phone in your spare time. Being on your phone makes it convenient to do a lesson any time you have an extra minute.  Rosetta Stone has been used by many over the last twenty-five years. They have perfected learning a new language, and many companies have used them to improve their employees. Get ahead by already having it added to your resume.


Don’t waste time. Continue leaning and adding all you can to your resume even when employed start collecting skills that can help you move up the ladder.