Sure, telecommuting in your pajamas is great, but working from home can feel cramped if you don’t have a lot of extra room in your living space to devote to an office. Try these tips and tricks to get a quiet area that doesn’t look like you’re sitting on your bed during a company meeting.


Movable Desk

An adjustable laptop desk on wheels is a versatile solution for going from working from the couch to a more professional location in your home for meetings.  The height is adjustable, so you can make typing more ergonomically sound when switching chairs. If you’re online interviewing for a job, or going into a video conference where professionalism is important, you can swing the desk around to face a nondescript corner of your home or perhaps, in front of your bookcase.


Wall Mounted Desk

If you need one dedicated space for your office, but you don’t have a lot of room in your home to spare, consider a floating, or wall mounted desk. This minimalist version sells on Amazon for under $50 and folds up when not in use. This desk also folds up, but looks sort of like a cabinet when not in use and has storage included. Amazon currently has it marked down for $99.99. This desk for $134.00 on Amazon does not fold up, but has storage shelves.



Certain folks aren’t into working on their lounging furniture. It may not be very ergonomic and for some people, the living room is like a central hub for noise. If you fall into that category, Dominique Pariso at New York Magazine has compiled a list of foldable options that maximize comfort while minimizing space. If shelling out that kind of cheddar for work isn’t happening for you, consider converting your dining chairs with one of the cushions Dominique suggests.


Drown Out the Noise

Noise may be an issue for you if you’re trying to concentrate in a small space. When you’re on a video call with others, it can actually make it hard for them to hear one another and you. You don’t have to buy ultra pricey noise cancelling headphones to achieve your dreams of working in peace. If you just need muffled silence, you can purchase a mass quantity of foam earplugs on Amazon. In order for coworkers to hear you more clearly amongst a flurry of household noise, everyday earbuds with a mic, hooked up to your laptop can do an excellent job of helping them hear you, and not your surroundings, loud and clear.


If your workspace is cramped, making a few small adjustments can make a world of difference to your comfort and productivity.