You spend enough time at work, it is almost like a second home.  Why not take steps to make sure it’s just as relaxing and comfortable as your home sweet home?  There are plenty of things you can do to add a little comfy into your cubicle or office.  Here are just a few, use some of these and personalize some of your own.  You’ll be working in Zen in no time.


Decorate Your Space

What colors make you happy and bring you peace?  Decorate your space in your style and colors that define you.  It’s way more interesting than plain white or cream and it will make you smile.  Using soothing colors will create more calm, where louder, perkier colors will give you energy.  Find what works for you and get to decorating.


Mini Oasis

Get yourself a little mini fridge to keep in your space that houses all your favorite drinks and snacks.  Then you don’t have to worry about Stewart from accounting drinking your special calming kombucha when it’s left in the employee breakroom.  It will be a little treasure trove for things that will keep you happy throughout the day. There are little miniature fridges these days that will hold a couple of cans and they are perfect for a small cubicle space or tucked out of sight under an office desk.


Keeping it Cozy

Have a pair of slippers or cozy shoes that you can slip in and out of easily at your desk.  Give your tired feet a break from office footwear and it will instantly make you feel more at home.  You’ll love the little breaks you treat your feet to wrapped up in fuzzy comfort.  Just make sure you change back into your real shoes before your presentation in front of the department or you might be getting some weird looks.


The Sights and Sounds

If your space allows for it and it won’t disrupt other around you, having a noise machine will calm and relax you.  You can choose from a wide variety of sounds and noises that will cancel out the annoying A/C hum in the office.  Imagine getting your tasks completed while listening to the sounds of the whales floating along.  Smells are a great way to unwind and keep calm-  utilize wax melts, diffusers or other products to keep your space smelling amazing.


Other Items

Keep items like sensory toys, kinetic sand, or other things to help with fidgeting or when you need a little break.  There’s a reason why everyone had that little Zen sand box at their desk back in the day.  Find what works for you and stock it at your desk.  It will give your mind and body a little break so it can pick back up and get more done.


By making your office space or desk a little more personalized, you’ll invite the comforts of home to your work.  It will make getting through the day that much easier and with way less stress.