Working from home has become a new reality for more and more people this year. This means that your go-to gifts will not do. The routine office gifts are out, and you need to find the right skills for all those working from home. For those that do not know where to start, take a look at the following ideas. You will be ready for every occasion and may even find some you need for yourself.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

On the way to work, the stop most make before the office is for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Without the commute to the office, there is no reason to go out and stop at your favorite spots. With the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, there will be no need to miss the commute to work. The perfect gift is the gift of an easy and fantastic breakfast to get each day started.



There is no need for fancy shoes when you work from home. Slippers are a great go-to gift. Everyone wants to have warm feet that are comfortable while they work. With all the use they get, everyone that works from home will need a couple of spares. ULTRAIDEAS has a popular line for women with memory foam to keep your feet comfy all day. Women are not the only ones that want their feet to be comfortable. Acorn has several colors to choose from for the men you need to find gifts for.



Diffusers are the new candles. Diffusers are less of a fire hazard and smell just as impressive. With many oils, there are also health benefits you could be giving. One affordable line to pick oils from is doTERRA. Not only can you find scents all those in your life will enjoy, but they educate you on what else they can do for you. Amazon has a great selection of diffusers and sets that would make great gifts.



Plants are not a new gift idea, but they are equally great for the office and home. Plants brighten up every room. When you are stuck in any office, anything that brings color into a space is always welcome. Giving a demanding plant may not get you thanked by everyone. An easy keeper like a succulent would be an excellent option for those even without a green thumb.


Smart Mug

Without free coffee from the office, you will not want to waste a cup from home. A coffee cup and warmer sets are ideal for all your coffee-loving friends and family. No matter how long it takes them to drink a cup, it will be warm for every sip. BESTINNKITS makes one that can be charged and placed anywhere you need it. It is also spill-resistant for your clumsy friends. This item may be one that you want to get for yourself as well.


Be the best gift giver this year to those you care about.