When it comes to your profession and job, you should always be trying to improve and grow within your field.  Constantly challenging yourself is the sure way to stay motivated, focused, and evolve with the times.  If you get stuck in a work rut, it’s easy to lose passion for the thing you spend most of your time doing.  Brainstorm some interesting ways to keep things interesting and you’ll never lose desire for your work.


Networking Opportunities

You should always be growing your contacts within your field or those that can work closely with you.  This makes expansion and growth limitless and well within your reach as you already will have an arsenal of people and ideas ready to go.  Look for networking opportunities within your business – whether it be a giant conference, local meet up, or even opportunities in the community.  It could surprise you where you could meet your next big contact.  Bonus, if you love seeing new places, you can travel the world and get business done all at the same time.


New Education

It’s imperative to stay current in your profession.  Missing the boat on a new way to conduct business or new technique that could benefit you will leave you behind in the dust.  Always keep your education ongoing and make it part of your work goals.  It will also keep the passion alive and serve as motivation to constantly be reinventing yourself.  You want to be inspired and keep growing, if you find yourself in a slump, try taking a class in something that could strengthen your business.


Crosslinking with Others

It’s great to network and meet people in your field, but it’s even better to search out other professionals who work in other arenas.  You could be utilizing each other’s strengths to benefit your own.  If you are terrible at tech, search out someone who is a wiz at computers or social media.  You’ll be able to promote your business and give them business in the same project.  Think of different ways you can stretch yourself laterally and keep the connections coming and adding to your work.


Set Goals, Long and Short

You should always have a running list of short-term goals and long-term goals to keep you motivated and on track.  It’s okay if they don’t all happen right in the order you’d like them to – it’s all about making a list and shooting for the stars.  Put very attainable goals on your list as well as dream goals.  Chances are you will fall somewhere right in the middle and that’s perfect growth for your profession.  Look to the future and think about where you’d like to be and the best way to get there that is well within your reach.


Staying motived and taking your profession to the next level doesn’t have to be a big overwhelming undertaking.  Think about ways you can grow today and the next day and soon everything else in the future will fall into place.