Now more than ever people are working from home.  This newer approach to work life has taken over the world whether we were ready for it or not.  For some this was an easy transition, but for others, it can be challenging settling into a work schedule and committing to getting the job done while being at home.  If you still find yourself struggling to separate work and home when they reside in the same structure, here are some ways to help you out.


Set A Schedule

When you show up to work, it’s usually at a set time and you physically stay there until the day is over.  Apply this same logic to your home.  Set a work schedule and stick to it.  Set up breaks for yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed.  If you know you start to get a little antsy a couple hours into the day, set up a 10 minute break to go make some coffee or take a walk around the house.  If you anticipate these speed bumps, it will be easier to handle them without getting trapped or derailed by them.  Set a do not disturb on your phone or a physical sign outside your workspace to stay motivated and focused.  Try to eliminate all outside distractions.


Separate Spaces

Keep your workspace separate from everything else in your home if you can.  At least make it a place with a door that you can close to shut out the rest of the house.  If you set your workspace up properly, it will be easier to stay on task without distractions.  If you work in the middle of your family room or kitchen, it will be that much harder to commit to your schedule, so try to find a quiet space you can claim as your own.  Just like separating your work life from your home life, you need to set a physical boundary to maintain this in the home.


Get Dressed for Work

It’s really tempting to sit around in your PJ’s all day, but that novelty has worn off.  Get motivated and activated for the day by getting up as you would for the office and put yourself together.  Putting on real clothes and grooming yourself is sending the message to your brain it’s time to work.  If you stay in your pajamas, you are staying in the mindset of relaxation.

get dressed

Every Power Hour

When you start your day, begin by making a list of all the tasks you need to complete.  Set goals and benchmarks for yourself to be completed every hour.  If you need to write it out and cross off as you go, do it.  Sometimes seeing a physical list makes us more motivated and have a stronger desire to cross things off.  Schedule your day from the start and it will help you stay on task hour after hour.


Working from home can be a challenge for many, but following this guide should make it easier and easier with every click of your mouse.