Are you looking for a career change or just getting back into the workforce? There are few careers that you may want to avoid. The in-demand jobs tend to fluctuate and change. Those are the ones that you should be looking for. Some that for different reasons are starting to disappear and might be gone in the future. It would not be a good idea to invest a lot of time into these.


Travel Agent

A Travel Agent helps you plan your vacation and get all your reservation set up. It saves you the hassle and time of searching for the best deals. Unfortunately for those with technology, it is becoming more accessible and easier to do this by ourselves. Some websites compare the cost of flights and other services. Packages are becoming more common and make it easy to pay for your hotel, car, and activities simultaneously. Travel Agents are not going to be an in-demand profession.


Mail Carriers

While Mail Carriers may not ever go all the way away, they are scaling back on hiring. Online bill pay and incentives to go paperless make the need a lot less. Many businesses are sending their ads online instead of through the mail. People send less personal letters and are choosing to keep in touch through email and social media. What is good for the planet in less trash is not suitable for the Mail Carriers career.



We can all see this one happening. The self-checkouts are starting to pop up everywhere we go. Whether we with our large cart of items like it or not, this will be our reality. We are going to be checking out and bagging all by ourselves. Shopping may become a two-person job. Cashiers are going to have to find other tasks to take over. Businesses are trying to save themselves money by turning to technology. This is not a good thing for all those looking to cashier.


Fast Food Cook

Just like those businesses looking to replace cashiers, fast food owners are always looking for ways to cut costs. According to a study, fast food workers are facing an eighty-one percent chance of automation. Technology is getting more complex and finding ways to do jobs that have always been ours. They are streamlining the process of making the fast food that we love. They don’t need up someone to stand and flip burgers when they can have a machine do it. Fast food worker jobs are on the way out.


Printing Press Operator

Do you still get a daily newspaper, or do you scroll through the news in the morning from your phone? Printing Press Operators are not as in demand as they once were. Most companies are investing in their online presence over their print media. In the future, the need for more printed materials will be less and less until the career goes extinct.


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