We run home from work and change into our everyday clothes, and with the switch, we have to switch purses. The bag we take to work is not always the purse we like to take shopping or, for mothers, the lovely diaper bag that is needed. How many times have you switched bags to find out at the worst moment you forgot something in your other bag? Why do we do this to ourselves? Our everyday bag should be the same bag we take to work. This way, we will always have the essentials.


Tote & Wristlet

Nordstrom makes some great products worth investigating. One of those is the Reversible Faux Leather Tote and Wristlet. Coming in three different color combinations to choose from. With the Wristlet, you can keep all the essentials together and easy to grab after work when you need to run to the store. The more oversized tote can hold all that you need for a busy day at the office, up to a 15inch laptop. It also makes a great weekend bag to enjoy a fun adventure. A great look for work, every day, and a few days away.



A satchel is a cute look that is so versatile. The Angela Roi Eloise Satchel is one you must see if you are looking for a satchel. This bag comes in five different colors and comes with two lengths of straps. You will fall in love with the various combinations and ways to carry this bag. It is lightweight at only two pounds, making it easy to carry anywhere you want to go. All the essentials can be with you at your day job and throughout your nightlife. Never leave something behind again.


Convertible Bag

The brielle convertible bag sold by modern+chic is a bag for everyone. Fill it with your laptop and head off to the office. Fill it with diapers and snacks for a day out with the kids. Or fill it with nothing as your everyday bag. They sell a matching clutch to keep your cards and keys safely together and not lost at the bottom of the bag. It can be carried by a handle at the top, over the shoulder with a strap, or wear it like a backpack. When you need to run to the store, quickly grab the convenient clutch out of it. The perfect bag for those that need to adjust to different roles throughout the day. Why have three bags when one will do?


Belt Bag

If you like having your hands free, a belt bag may be what you need. These are not just a traditional fanny pack. They come in different shapes and can strap across your body or around the waist. When made of excellent leather, they look perfect for professional use and casual use. Coach has an entire line of belt bags.


Always be prepared by finding a bag that can change with you wherever your day takes you.