Working day in and day out can be exhausting. Every day feels like you are on repeat. We get up and do the same routine, go to the same place of work, and most nights end the same way as well. Then, the whole process starts all over the next day until you hit the weekend. This monotonous routine can make you feel like you need to change it up and find a new career. The first instinct is to quit and run for the hills. For some, this may work out, but this could not be the best idea for you just yet. Here are some things to think about first.




The most significant factor stopping someone from quitting a job is the money! Money makes the world go around and gets us all the things that we need to survive. Unfortunately, we need to keep a paycheck coming in while we figure out the next step. One option if you can squeeze your budget down is to scale back your hours. You will have a little more time to focus on finding your true passion. With scaling back hours, you may find that’s all you needed to relax. The reduced work hours can give you some extra time to breathe and do the things you genuinely enjoy.



Hating your job is an enormous reason to pack up your desk. The people you work with maybe the biggest reason to stay. If you love those that you work with, you may want to think long and hard before leaving them. The next office may not have the amazing people you are working with now. You may end up stuck in a similar job that may be just as boring, but instead you will be the new person in the building who must navigate new a new office and form new friendships all over again.



Resumes are essential when you are job hunting. Having good reputation can help beef them up. A resume with jobs that you stayed at less than six months is not going to be as impressive as a resume with fewer jobs that you work at for more extended periods. Jobs that you have been at longer will have given you a chance to make a better impression on the supervisor. As long as you left on good terms, those should be excellent references to use. This will come in handy when you go in to interview for the perfect job!




There are many people out there looking for jobs, and that leads to many resumes going in for the same position. With all the competition, it could be harder to find a new job. It will most likely take longer than you would like. Prepare yourself mentally for all the competitors, and don’t let it get you down.


Please stop and think before taking any drastic measures when it comes to your livelihood. Make sure you have everything figured out before taking the plunge. Take into account any factors you need to before turning in your two week notice.