Habits can be difficult to create but also incredibly useful when incorporated in a way that adds value to our lives. Instead of dragging your feet through the work day or frantically rushing to each meeting, daily work habits can create valuable structure and routine into your day.

Morning Ritual

The beginning to your daily work routine begins before you step into your office. Write out what an ideal morning looks like before you head to your office. Try to stick to waking up at the same time every day without hitting the snooze button multiple times. If your morning ritual includes a workout, incorporate accountability measures such as a workout partner to keep you on track. Prepare your outfits and meals ahead of time so you’re not spending unnecessary minutes deciding what to wear or eat. Simply following a morning ritual can start you off on the right foot for the rest of the day.

The Office 

When you turn on your computer, try to resist checking your email first thing in the morning. While very tempting, email is best done at a certain point in time, in bulk, and when you have less energy. Schedule specific blocks of time to respond to emails so you can focus other parts of the day on priority projects. Another strategy to set yourself up for success at work, is to make sure you can see your desk. Free yourself from clutter and even consider incorporating the Konmari method at your office. Intentional use of your time and an organized office space can make a big difference, especially when implemented as a daily habit.



Even though taking a lunch break may see unproductive, breaks are essential to productivity and creativity. It’s also important to separate yourself from your desk throughout the day, especially when you’re eating lunch. If possible, do not eat lunch at your desk. Use this time to get up, walk around, and connect with your colleagues. A daily work habit to incorporate during lunch could be to talk to a different co-worker every day. 

Debrief and Recap 

end of day


Before rushing out of the office, take a few minutes to look back on the work day. Assess what you’ve accomplished and have left to do for the next day. This daily activity prepares you for tomorrow and also allows you to reflect on your progress and achievements.


The four moments discussed above can serve as benchmarks throughout your day, so you can check-in on what type of habits you’re creating. By incorporating more intentionality and routine into your morning, arrival at the office, lunch, and end of the day, you can foster productivity and effectiveness into your day.