In today’s linked up, fast paced world, it can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of working when you’re supposed to be on your own time. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid that work email notification on your phone during dinner but striking a positive work-life balance is vital to staving off the work exhaustion known as burnout. Mayo Clinic says burnout can lead to excessive stress and sadness.  That doesn’t sound like something that will make you a better employee, but thankfully there are some ways to combat the onset of burnout without sacrificing your productivity.

Leave Work at Work

If you find yourself regularly trying to solve a work problem in your head while simultaneously eating brunch and listening to your BFF, Susan tell you about the cool new robot she just bought, you need to recognize that Susan is a super rad friend who deserves your attention, and also that you’ve got a bad habit to break. Alysha Findley recommends using your commute from work to unwind and mentally process your day. She also cites limiting yourself to fifteen minutes of venting to a friend or loved one once you get home as being beneficial to making your space a happy place. Unless you’re on call, don’t check your emails or answer work calls when you’re trying to unwind.

Find an Activity that Keeps Your Mind Occupied


If you and Susan start building robots together, that will leave you less time to worry about job related stress during your down time. Rather than lying in bed at night fretting about the impending workday, you can drift off to sleep planning your next trip to RoboCon. Fishing, photography, knitting, crosswords, internet poker, there are endless choices. Here is a list of 101 hobby ideas.

Don’t Work Over Your Set Hours

Of course, there are going to be periods when you’re involved in big projects or times everyone is counting on you, so you have to work a lot of hours, but don’t make that the standard. According to The Washington Post, fifty-four percent of Americans aren’t taking advantage of all of their vacation days.  Forbes says even taking a short staycation to visit a spa or see a concert can help fight the burnout.

Delegate Chores Out

robot vacuum

If you find yourself weighed down by unpleasant chores when you’re trying to relax at home, don’t be afraid to delegate them out. In all seriousness, robots really can be your friends. Amazon has a multitude of robotic vacuums and a few mops to choose from. Droids doing our gardening and mowing is also  gaining in popularity. Don’t be afraid to save time with grocery pick up services. Walmart’s pick-up is free and easy to use. This way, you can save your free time for activities that make you happy.

Sometimes it feels like getting ahead is all about giving your whole life to your job, but you’re not a machine. Talking care of yourself and finding the perfect work-life balance that is right for you is vital in keeping you productive and successful in your career.