Workplace drama can be one of the most draining experiences for an employee. Being in the middle of drama can reduce productivity and put you in a bad position for promotions or positive recognitions. Working outside the rumor mill can be challenging though. So, how do you achieve a tranquil work environment? Here are some work habits to stay out of workplace drama.

Re-evaluate Gossip Tendencies

Not gossiping can be a challenge, especially when you’re new and want to fit in.

It’s understandably enticing to gossip; this form of chatter is one of the quickest ways to form a connection with your colleagues. There’s something thrilling about gossiping and it’s incredibly easy to find yourself in that position if you’re not aware. The connection you form with your colleagues through gossip will be founded on a superficial and untrustworthy foundation. Because of this, gossip is not rewarding in the long run, it may leave you feeling nasty, and it’s a reflection of how you handle workplace issues. Employers want to be able to trust employees who they promote.

Offer Solutions Instead of Complaints

Talking behind another person’s back is easy to do. Complaining about someone or something in the workplace is also easy to do. But, these two habits do not help anyone involved or the business’s success. What’s much harder to do is offering solutions to the problem at hand. Offering solutions puts you in a vulnerable position because the solution is your own idea, and it requires critical thinking. The habit of offering solutions is a powerful muscle to train because the more you practice solution-oriented thinking and action, the better you will be at it. Your idea may not be chosen but your initiative and intention will be noticed.

Stay Productive Amidst Work Place Drama

When drama inevitably arises between colleagues, with or without your involvement, a slip in productivity may be unavoidable. Now, not only do employers have to manage their day to day responsibilities, they must resolve escalated drama. The best thing you can do to help a manager through this period is to remain productive. Even though it may be hard to not get sucked into the drama mix, keeping your head up and working hard will prove to employers that you can be unwavering through tough times. This way, you are helping the company move forward instead of hindering the company through involving yourself with drama.

Treat Your Position Like Your Own Small Business

When you treat your position like your own small business, no matter what role you play, you will stand out to your employer. When you work with this mindset, you will take more initiative in your position, you will be able to see the bigger picture, and most importantly, you will begin to see workplace drama as a waste of time and a hindrance to your growth in your company.


These tips are some of the key habits to stay out of work drama. These habits are not only healthy for your career, they are healthy for a positive lifestyle. Gossip, drama, complaints, and indifference are all apart of company culture. Employees who stick out are employees don’t fall into the trap of workplace negativity. Although difficult, practicing these habits will create a more tranquil work environment for you.