The only thing that is certain is change and times have changed which means job trends have as well. Exploring a new career is a good move for anyone trying to decide on a lifestyle change. If you look through the careers that are in demand for 2019 you are guaranteed to find a career that interests you or strikes a passion. Your future could be one of unlimited potential. In-demand jobs can be found in a wide variety of industries, from insurance to hospitality to health care to technology and the skilled trades. There are plenty of career options to consider for anyone looking for a change.


Unemployment rates are lowering, and job opportunities are expanding. There are some opportunities that offer immediate employment opportunities, but there are also some that yield long-term growth as well. However, a job that will likely be gone within a couple of years doesn’t really qualify as a great option but that is just our opinion. Finding a career that can be a long-term change has a variety of industries. Experts are predicting continued growth in the coming years and decades.

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Whether you’re interested in sales, healthcare, construction, design, or marketing, the perfect job for you might just be one of this year’s highest demand jobs. According to LinkedIn the top three trending jobs are: data scientist, site reliability engineer, and account executive. There is such a range of high demand jobs. The best jobs of 2019 represent an extensive array of fields and include everything from the most cutting-edge positions. Looking at the fastest-growing and best-paid jobs gives us a sense of how economic trends are playing out in the job market. Even if you don’t pick one of these roles exactly, you might find other areas that are more suited to you and that still piggyback off the overall industry growth.


Many jobs can translate from one industry to another, you just have to find the right transition pivots. However, chasing growth for growth’s sake won’t be worthwhile if you are miserable. Healthcare is the top growth industry now, but other industries may top the list in the near future. If you are not ready to make a complete career change but still want to dip a toe in these forever growing fields. Start and develop a side job that serves these growth areas. If you are thinking about starting a business anyway and looking for ideas, why not pick a growing field that needs the help?