For some, summer is the time to blow off everything and only focus on having fun. For others, nothing changes about their routine other than the temperature. Those in the full-time workforce don’t get to blow off responsibilities and enjoy the sun. They have to worry about what the sun is going to do to their work attire.


Showing Skin

When it starts to get hotter, our first thought is to start shedding some layers. Wearing less to work is not always the professional thing to do. Add pieces to your wardrobe that cover the correct amount and are made from breathable materials. Wearing thick wool in the summer will have to regret it within minutes of your commute, especially for those that use public transportation instead of an air-conditioned car. Marie Claire has a guide for women to get their summer work outfits planned out. Stay stylish and cool this summer.


Hot Outside Cold Inside

The temperature issue gets more complicated when you get to work. Every building tried to balance the heat by blasting the air conditioner. If you dress for the temperature outside, you will spend the whole day freezing while trying to work. Dressing for the weather in the office will have to sweat through your clothes before you ever make it there. Light layers that you can bring along or have stashed in the office are always a great option.


Fresh Clothes

Do you ever have to run from work to other activities? Whether they are work attire or more casual, bring a change of clothes. No matter what you are doing with your summer, sweat leads to clothes not being comfortable to wear all day. Freshen up and change clothes after work, so you are more relaxed the rest of the day. Don’t worry about the laundry bill. Survive the summer heat.


Combat the Sweat

We get lucky in the winter and can go from work to out with friends without worrying about smells. In the summer, we are sweating more, and that comes with a not so lovely scent. Find a good deodorant that works for you and consider buying it in travel size as well. When at work, add a pack of deodorant wipes to your work supplies. After running out to lunch or on other errands, take a trip to the restroom to refresh yourself. When you are not worried about your hygiene, you will be more confident in your tasks.


Summer Snacks

Even in the workplace, the feeling of summer cannot stay away. It comes in the form of snacks. Everyone wants to enjoy summer, and many times that means snacks and delicious cold drinks. None of which are suitable for the waistline. Beware of snacking too much unless you love to shop for new clothes. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the summer snacks. Just consume in moderation.


Summer is upon us, and we need to dress the part.