With things changing once again, many are having to relocate their workspaces. Jobs that had the option to work from home are now headed back to the office. Everyone has found a routine and a new normal in their home office spaces. Are you ready to give it up and start the commute back to the office building? There are a few things you will have to get used to again and even prepare before the big transition occurs.



Germs have always been an issue when working surrounded by other individuals. The attention they are getting in the last year has brought them front and center. Many are now having some anxiety about the thought of heading back. Gather the products that you need to feel safe at work. You can’t go wrong with some Clorox wipes at your desk to help keep your area germ-free. Don’t worry about feeling silly. Do what you need to do to feel comfortable so that your work won’t falter.



Working from home has been an introvert’s dream. They have been able to get all their work down and avoid all the unneeded small talk. Heading back to the office also means coming up with things to say to all the coworkers. To prepare for the overload of interactions, start going out with others. Ease yourself back into it. Practice your small talk, so you are not in shock on the first day back at the office. It is also acceptable to not be a social butterfly and keep to yourself. Your superiors will love the work ethic.



For so long, there has been no need to get ready. It may be time to call the hairdresser to get a trim. Pull out the razor or makeup and practice your skills again. Get your work clothes to the cleaners and make sure they still fit before the morning you need to start your commute. We all know the struggle of putting on a few pounds and not loving the look of our clothes. Hit the stores and update your work attire to make you feel more comfortable on your first day. Or take advantage of sites like Stitch Fix and have them sent to your house and tried on in privacy.



The commute from your bed to your desk has you spoiled. With the change of location, you all have to allot more time to your commute. The extra sleeping time that has been a benefit to all those working from home has to go. To prepare for the big day, start setting your clock earlier the week before to help acclimate yourself to the new sleep schedule. Give yourself this adjustment period so that you can worry about other things during your first week instead of your lack of sleep.


Prepare for the change of scenery so that you will stay on task instead of worrying about all the logistics.