Motivation can be a hard thing to come by, especially when so many have been working from home for about a year. Staying motivated is a skill that must be practiced. Here are a few tips to help you keep up the good work and productivity all year round.

Shifting Focus

One tactic that has proven to be effective is shifting your focus.  An article written by Ayelet Fishbach for explains this by saying, “Another mental trick involves focusing on what you’ve already done up to the midpoint of a task and then turning your attention to what you have left to do.” When you do this simple flip in the way you think about your progress, it will help you realize how much you’ve already accomplished instead of focusing on everything you have left to do. It’s a small confidence boost that will remind you of your competence. Remind yourself how far you’ve come working on your assignments. You owe it to yourself to acknowledge and appreciate your own hard work.

Inspiring Others

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation, try giving a co-worker a pep talk. If you can muster up the words to encourage someone else, it’s likely that you can do the same for yourself. The above mentioned article also states, “Interestingly, giving advice rather than asking for it may be an even more effective way to overcome motivational deficits, because it boosts confidence and thereby spurs action. In a recent study I found that people struggling to achieve a goal like finding a job assumed that they needed tips from experts to succeed. In fact, they were better served by offering their wisdom to other job seekers, because when they did so, they laid out concrete plans they could follow themselves, which have been shown to increase drive and achievement.”

Time Blocks

Oftentimes, we are hesitant to start or work on a project because it seems too big and overwhelming. One helpful strategy for staying motivated is to set time blocks for yourself. Make them on the smaller side (15-20 min). Dedicate yourself to a set task for about 15-20 minutes and then move on to the next one regardless of whether or not you’re finished. Once you’ve completed a full round of each project, circle back to the beginning and complete another round. Changing your task up frequently will prevent you from feeling bored or overwhelmed by one particular thing. You’ll feel comforted knowing you’re making slow but steady progress on all of your projects.

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Reward Yourself

First and foremost, it’s important that you are satisfied with your work and progress. Don’t wait around for others to acknowledge your greatness. Reward yourself for meeting your own personal goals and expectations. Everyone loves to feel appreciated. When you take time to recognize your small ‘wins’, others will follow suit!

Motivation tends to ebb and flows, but you can utilize the above mentioned techniques to keep yours no matter what.