Your resume is likely the first thing potential employers will see and the first impression they will have of you. A tidy, professional resume can be a good indication of someone who will be a good hire. It says a lot about who you are and you want to make sure it’s saying the right things. Here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes commonly made on resumes.

Spelling/Grammar Mistakes

Proofreading your resume is essential. The last thing you want to present to your future employer is a resume full of spelling and grammatical errors. When you feel as though it’s complete, give it to at least three friends to proofread as well. Having multiples sets of eyes will help you identify any areas that need improvement. Make sure it sounds professional and it is written well. You want to make your resume as perfect as possible. It needs to ‘wow’ anyone who reads it. Show employers that you care by putting a lot of effort into the writing of your resume. Use variety, action verbs, and really sell your accomplishments.


One of the biggest mistakes people make in regards to their resumes has to do with the length of the document. They are either too long or too short. Generally speaking, your resume should not exceed one page. If you are lacking job experience, include more of your accomplishments to help give it some length. You will want to consider the job you are applying for when deciding what accomplishments to list. Make sure they are relevant. If your resume is too long, trim it down to essential details. Most of the time, employers will ignore anything past the first page. You only have a small amount of resume space, make it count!

Final Tips

Make sure your resume represents all of the amazing things you have to offer. Leave out anything that doesn’t flatter you. For example, leave off your GPA from High School or College if it is less than average. Keep your references and their information up to date as well. Work hard to maintain relationships with those you list as references and make sure to ask for permission before using them. Update phone numbers and emails as needed to ensure your resume is always up to date. Also, do not use an unprofessional email address in your resume. Potential employers should not be emailing an address you created in middle school. First and last names work great. If you have any additional concerns about things you should leave out, Emily Co wrote a fantastic article for the regarding this topic. You can find it here.


Keep your resume up to date at all times. You never know when you will need it. In order to impress potential employers, create something that will help you stand out amongst any other applicants. Put your best foot forward with a polished final product that will help you land your dream job.