Land Your Dream Job with these Job Search Tips

Identify Your Skill Set

Based on our skill sets we tend to inquire about jobs with job titles that obviously meet our skills. But career experts suggest that job seekers should look at the required skills rather than the job title. Job titles are constantly changing and focusing on the required skills of a position rather than the title will better help you find the right job for you.

Utilize all Your Resources

The internet has made it easier to find jobs, when before there was only word of mouth and posts in the newspaper. Although the internet is a great tool and resource, asking friends and browsing the newspaper and actually visiting companies are still good ways to find careers.


Following up on the word of mouth, companies do take their employee recommendations into consideration. If you do not have a friend working at a company you are interested in than networking is your best bet. Find ways to get to know people in the company. Volunteer at their local charity event. Make a profile and use LinkedIn. Linked in is a great resource when it comes to networking.


Customize Your Resume

It does not hurt to update your resume for each position you apply for. Many people leave their resume the same for each position they apply for because it is within the same industry. But if you tailor it to fit each position you apply for you will have a competitive edge. Remember sending a cover letter is a nice addition to your resume. It may just be what sets you apart from other applicants. But do not restate what is in your resume in your cover letter. It should allow those hiring you to learn more background information about you. Tips on creating a cover letter can be found here.

Prepare for Your Interview

Three key things to do to prepare for an interview are: research the company—it is okay and even encouraged to ask questions during an interview but having some basic knowledge of the company will also make you look like you are sincerely interested in the job—practice answering interview questions beforehand—even though every interview is different there are many similar questions—and look up background information about the person giving the interview—this is another way that LinkedIn could be very beneficial.


Ask Questions

Questions make you appear interested and engaged. Come up with questions you may ask beforehand. Good questions include questions about growth opportunities and challenges people face working there.

Follow Up and Give Thanks

Sending a thank you note to the hiring managers for taking time out of their schedule to meet with you will make you really stand out. Snail mail is fine, but if you have access to email that is fine too. Just be sure to check for any grammatical and mechanical errors.

Don’t Accept a Job on the Spot

Thank them for their offer right away and confirm a time when they need a final answer from you. But go home and really consider if this job is the right fit for you. Go over the interview and salary.

Good luck!