If you’re feeling stuck in your job with no idea how you’re going to advance, you’re not alone. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to get back on track. Here are a few steps you can take to help redirect your career in the right direction.


Create Measurable Goals


Goal setting is an incredibly important aspect of career advancement. Thoughtfully consider what you want to accomplish and how long you want to take to get there. Ashira Prossack from Forbes.com wrote, “Goals and a timeline go hand in hand. Without a timeline, it’s much harder to achieve your goals. Without goals, a timeline is simply a schedule. Using them together is how you achieve success. The goals you set give you something to strive for, and the timeline keeps you accountable and on track to achieve them.” In addition to writing down your goals, write sub-steps you will need to take to accomplish them. Draw yourself a road map that will lead you exactly where you want to go.




Regardless of whether or not you want to make career moves, you need to network. Careercast.com writer Taunee Besson states, “A well-developed professional network can be a source of friendships, mentors, and referrals for everything from pediatricians to plumbers. Your network can also provide objective insights for evaluating opportunities and problems. Trade organizations, churches, alumni associations, friends of friends, and continuing education classes all offer excellent sources for cultivating relationships with colleagues who can help advance your career. Remember: job security comes and goes, but a solid network of valuable contacts is valuable no matter the circumstances.” Give yourself an opportunity to get help from and be helped by your network of professional contacts. Create lasting relationships that will help add value to every aspect of your life.


Go For It


Whether it’s heading up a special project/committee or applying for a job you don’t 100% feel qualified for, go for it! Be confident. If you find yourself doubting your abilities, stop. Let your interviewers or boss decide whether or not you meet the requirements for the position. Don’t make the decision for them by taking yourself out of the race before it has even begun. You are capable of doing hard things.

Do What You Love

Pursue your Passions


Seek career advancements that spark your interest. You are going to work much harder for something you’re passionate about vs. something you aren’t. However when making goals, it’s important to balance passion with realistic expectations as well. Besson of careercast.com also states, “When you begin to set goals to help advance your career, try testing their viability using the RUMBA method: Each goal should be Reasonable, Understandable, Measurable, Behavioral and Agreed upon. Meeting only the first four conditions isn’t enough.” Make smart, responsible goals that can help you maintain excitement within your workspace.