Of course you already know how to perfectly outline a resume, you have all your references in order and you feel ready to tackle any question with precision that could be thrown at you in an interview.  These are great skills, but what if these aren’t the only tools in your toolbox that would get you hired?  Sure, they are part of the package, but there are other elements that are possibly more important and set a great example and impression rather than appearing to be the “perfect” candidate.

Be Different and Unique

In a world that can be sometimes limiting and constantly pigeonholing you into one thing, you want to be a different and unique candidate they can’t possibly pass up.  You want to be unique, but not crazy – there is a fine line there to stand out from the competition, but still be professional.  Think of ways you can be unique on your resume.  There are lots of awesome resume templates out there that are more eye-catching than the average template in your word processor.  The recruiter will remember you for your fun resume and it will attract them to bring you in for an interview.


Contact Info

This is so so simple, but you’d be so so surprised how often it gets looked over.  Make sure your contact information is current and up to date.  Nothing says unprofessionalism like a wrong phone number.  Additionally, your voicemail recording should be straightforward and professional.  No more prank voicemail set-ups.  Your potential employer will definitely be judging.


Being Early is Being on Time

And being on time is being late.  While is can be boring waiting around for your interview, especially if the boss in running behind, you do not want the boss waiting on you.  If you are late to the interview and they are wondering where you are, it immediately sets up a bad impression and you are never going to get the job that way.  If you cannot show up on time for an interview, they automatically assume you will not show up on time for work and it sends the message you aren’t taking the job seriously.


Be Yourself

It should be the easiest thing in the world to just be yourself, but sometimes we need the reminder.  Be energetic in your interview.  Interviewers have a lot going on, their regular job, plus the added task of hiring someone new, so they want you to walk through the door and wow them.  Believe it or not, they want you to get the job!  They want someone who is excited about the opportunity, they don’t want someone making their job harder by pulling answers out of them.  It’s not always about having the perfect right answers but having the right personality.  You can train a person to do anything, but you cannot train a personality or work ethic.  Show your enthusiasm and can-do attitude.


These tips should be second nature, but they are so easy we usually get caught up in something else and forget them.  Be that awesome candidate and get hired – you can do it.