Technology has changed a bit in the last few years, and many companies have evolved from doing in person job interviews in exchange for online video calls. The days of all the bigwigs needing to gather in one place to consult with potential employees is over, leading to time management efficiency and a larger candidate pool. Don’t let the details overwhelm you, there are small steps you can take to help your interview go as smoothly and professionally as possible.


Find Your Space

If you want to look like you have it together, it’s probably best not to appear that you’re doing your interview inside an episode of Hoarders. Set your webcam up in an organized area, free of clutter and dust. Try to avoid backlighting from windows and bright floor lamps because it can make you hard to be seen. You can turn on your webcam to do a sort of test run to see what your interviewers will be looking at. This will ensure you have your camera positioned in a way that flatters you and your surroundings. It would be a total bummer to get straight on an interview and realize all your potential new boss can see is the underside of your chin.

Online Interview

Utilize Your Earbuds

Plugging earbuds into your device can go a long way toward making you look like an efficient candidate. You don’t need fancy noise cancelling headphones for your laptop, the earbuds that came with your phone should work great. This will limit any ambient noise your interviewers can hear and will also help you to be able to hear them more clearly. This way, if your neighbor decides to use the weed eater right under your window, it won’t be an issue.

Pick a Device

The best tool for an online video job interview is a laptop, hands down. If you try to use your phone, you’ll be stuck trying to hold it in one place for a long period of time, and you may need access to notes, contacts, and the calendar on it. Unless you want to be fidgeting with your phone while you’re on a video call on it, it’s best to use something else. A desktop with a webcam is okay, but if your home office is in complete unmanageable disarray or has poor lighting, you may project a bad impression. Since the device is more stationary, you won’t have a lot of options. A tablet gives you some room to find a good location, but it may be hard to set it up at an angle that is convenient and flattering.

Dress for Success

You may be at home, but this is still a job interview. Dress for the job you want, and don’t wear your pajamas, unless the job you’re interviewing for is a PJ model. Showering is important, even if they can’t smell you. Being groomed and dressed up will help your confidence and get you in the right mindset to tackle the interview.


Don’t be intimidated by video interviews. Follow these tips and slay those questions.