Planners keep evolving, trying to fit the needs of every lifestyle. Those that love physical holding their schedule could get lost in all the options. Digital planners have a little less flexibility, but there are still many to choose from. There are benefits to both types. Weigh out the pros and cons of each and see which will help you balance your professional and personal lives.


Panda Planner

Do awards mean something to you? Then the Panda Planner is for you. Business insider has given it the honor of being the best planner you can buy. There is no way you will not stay organized if you use this planner. There is a day, week, and month views with loads of space to write down anything you need to remember. To help us keep track of each, there are three bookmarks to scan each section. The creators are so confident that they even give and 30-day trial. If you are not happy and more productive, they will give you your money back. You can’t go wrong trying the Panda Planner with that option.


The Boss

The Boss Personal Planner is a fantastic digital option. The interface is straightforward to use and gives the appearance of a paper planner. Create it exactly how you like with daily, weekly, or monthly pages. Use all three; they are only a click away. A habit tracker is featured, where you can keep track of anything you are trying to work on. Keeping track will help you to grow and change the way you want. Notes and journal pages can be created as well within the app. Having the option to modify it as needed is something that you can not do with a physical planner. To use The Boss Personal Planner, they recommend a tablet and stylus.

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Passion Planner

Finding balance is an ongoing goal. The Passion Planner focuses on what is important to us and gives us space to reflect. Weekly and monthly pages are included that have areas to write down goals. There are road map pages to help you to visualize a way to accomplish your personal goals. Use the blank pages to track how you have achieved your dreams or your professional projects. The Passion Planner blends both areas of our life to help us be more successful in both areas of your life.



Are you looking for something simple? Try the iCalendar. It can be used easily on a phone, tablet, or computer. The app allows you to color-code all the areas of your life. You can easily see where you are needed at a glance. Click on the day to see your daily breakdown, and any notes you have made for each appointment. By linking it to your email, you will never forget your planner at home. As long as you have a device, you will be able to check your schedule.


Get organized with the perfect planner and become more productive. Your future self will thank you.