All over social media and people publishing how they are making a living without leaving their homes. How long does it take to be able to get to their level? Is it worth it to quit your job and jump in, or can you make money in a limited amount of time? What they fail to tell you is how much time you need to get their level. There are also factors other than the time that you need to consider as well.


Free Time

It is not logical to leave your nine-to-five job before you have a plan or know that you can pull it off. Whether we like it or not, we all need to have a way to pay our bills. The first step is knowing if you have the free time even to get it started. Start searching for your money-making avenues during this time out of the office. Be prepared for the opposite to happens as well. By spending your free time diving into making money online, you may discover that you do not enjoy it. You will be relieved that you didn’t make any significant sacrifices to jump in.



Do you have the right home environment to make it work? If your house is full of people, making it difficult to focus, you could run into a problem. Working online is still work.  Being successful in any position takes dedication. Being at home could lead to getting distracted and not getting as much done as you need to pay the bills. The money you make from online sources will be directly related to your effort into it. If you want it to work, you need to do the same as you would at an office job.



Every job has an ideal personality that has an easier time being successful. Luckily there are many things you can do online to make money. Some love to be seen and will take social media by storm. They are making their living by putting themselves out there to influence and entertain. Others may want to find things behind the scenes. Transcribing, writing, and surveys could be a way for those shyer to find income from their computer. The options are endless if you dive deep enough online. Each personality is bound to find a side gig or full-time gig online that matches them.



Are you good with technology, or do you panic when the internet goes out? Working online means that you will have to work with technology all day long. If you struggle at all, you will want to take a few classes to ensure you know what you are doing. Buying technology that comes with customers support might be another option for those new to online professions.


Paying bills from online jobs is all the rage. Start slow and find out if it is the right move for you. Before you know, it could be your only gig.