Finding a job as an introvert can sometimes be a difficult process. There are more factors to think about than just getting a J.O.B. Introverts have to consider they’re environment, comfort, and coworkers more than you think. As Covid turned the world upside down, it really changed the concept of working in the office being the “norm”. Nowadays, work from home jobs have definitely taken the title as the world has adjusted. While working from home leaves some employees itching to leave the house, it can have the opposite effect on introverted employees. An introvert’s dream is to work from home and the rise of these positions is a complete game changer!


There are a significant amount of benefits to working from home for introverts! An improvement in overall mental health is one of the biggest advantages. While being in the office could be an advantage to some because there is always someone around the corner, this could be considered as a drawback for introverts. Unfortunately, these employees can feel flustered and riddled with anxiety within the traditional work setting. Plus, working from home in a comfortable environment provides better working conditions for employees because they are accountable for their own success. Another advantage for introverts pertains to noticeable improvement in professional growth. Being that they are in a controlled environment it provides a confidence boost which can lead to being more vocal and providing more ideas.

Overcoming the Negatives

While many benefits are attributed to working from home, there are negatives applied as well. Employees can easily become more distracted and tired because they are “too comfortable”. A way to offset this negative is to create a home office or work station so you are in a productive work environment that will lessen distractions. Also, a state of seclusion can set in when employees are not able to get enough face time with others every now again. A simple fix to this issue is to do average tasks to create balance. These tasks can include going to the grocery store, that way you are able to see people in real time rather than the computer screen. Also, going on a walk during your break or after work can ease your mind and give you a reason to get some sun!

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Overall, the change to working from home has provided a learning curve for all employees alike. Yet, there are multiple studies that contribute to the concept that working from home allows for a more productive team. The aforementioned controlled work environment is said to be the main source of success along with the diminished travel time. Studies also show that working from home directly correlates to increased employee enjoyment. Even with the negatives the conclusion is that the pros outweigh the cons. Companies worldwide are starting to grow accustomed with the concept and becoming more concerned with the employees needs. This sounds like a WIN for introverts everywhere!