Even if you have a career you love, sometimes it can be easy for your workflow to feel stagnate, leading to boredom at your job. If you’ve truly found your passion, there are a few things you can do to re-ignite your inspiration.

Work Harder

Going that extra mile can sometimes go a long way toward making you feel accomplished, even if you feel like it’s going unnoticed by your boss. Captaining the team in group projects sets you up for being the natural leader your coworkers will come to when seeking advice. This gives you an advantage when it comes time for promotions. Taking on extra projects shows you’re willing to do what needs to be done to benefit the company, despite your job title. Taking this kind of pride in your work can spark motivation and self-satisfaction, too.

Attitude Adjustment

If you’ve noticed your motivation becoming stunted because you’re not climbing the ladder as quickly as you’d hoped, perhaps it’s time to manage your expectations. Working at a job for a certain amount of time does not typically dictate that you’ll automatically get a promotion. Every employee is not afforded a raise and a new job title on her one-year workiversary.

Notebook and coffee

Update Your Skills

Sometimes getting better at your field can make it more interesting to you. Having more knowledge will always help improve performance. Consider taking a night course or an online class to help get you back in the groove of things at work. If leaving work to go to a campus isn’t your idea of stimulating, check out this list of over 40 free classes TheMuse has compiled. Each of these courses take under ten weeks to complete and range from a variety of studies, covering everything from programming to marketing, to learning a second language.



If you adjust your own actions and you still can’t seem to lift from the fog of work boredom, it might be time to move on and apply for positions elsewhere. Your current job may no longer offer a way to challenge you, no matter what you do. You may find a more rewarding way to utilize your skills and talents in another venue.


Monotony can lead to poor motivation. Everyone can get in a funk sometimes, but don’t let workplace ennui get you down. If your position is no longer challenging, find ways to challenge yourself.