Your job life can be very stressful at times, so it’s even more vital to find time to take care of yourself. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed at work it’s time to look inward and make sure you’re taking care of your most important asset, you. If you are a stranger to practicing self-care, here are a few great easy ways to look out for yourself and keep you ready for anything work can throw at you.


Setting Boundaries

The best thing you can do for yourself at work is set boundaries. This means when you were at work, it is a time to work, and when you are home and away from the office, that is your time. By setting boundaries you’ll be more productive from your 9 to 5, but still manage to keep time for yourself and step away from your work life. It’s also an important lesson to learn to say no. If you are overwhelmed at work and someone tries to give you a bigger project or something to do in addition to your regular job tasks, learn how to politely decline an offer. We do not have to take on everything that comes your way if it is outside the scope of your job.


Taking Care of Yourself

Self-care in its most basic form is simply looking after oneself. It means making sure you have a proper breakfast and other food to fuel your day, sleep so that you are at your peak performance, and learning when enough is enough. Make sure you’re giving yourself proper time to rest and recharge so you are ready for your work week. If you practice setting your boundaries and practice taking time for yourself through self-care, there’s no job you can’t do.


Asking for Help

One of the greatest keystones of self-care is learning how to ask for help when you need it. We as humans want to take on everything ourselves, but in reality this is not possible without becoming burnt out. Within your work week look for opportunities to reach out for help or partner with someone to get a task done. This also includes your home life too. If there are things that your spouse or significant other or friends can help you out with, do not hesitate to ask. People will never know that you need a helping hand unless you ask for it.


Making the Most of Your Commute

An element of the work week that people dislike the most is their commute back and forth. Make the most of it by practicing self-care. You can meditate on your day ahead or unpack a busy workday so that by the time you’re at home you can leave everything behind. If you like listening to podcasts, make the most of your drive by throwing on your favorite and watch the time melt away. You want to take care of yourself every opportunity you can outside of work so that you are thriving and performing your best while at the office.


Practicing self-care throughout your work week only increase productivity in your job and in your life. Try a few of these tips and think of a few on your own to give you the ultimate work life balance.