Music has been proven to help increase productivity. While working many people will either blast their music (if working from home) or nestle a pair of earbuds into their ears. So, what are the genres associated with productivity? Also, what is really behind the study and why does it work?

The Connection

The connection between music and productivity all lies within your brain! By simply playing your favorite tune, the dopamine levels in your brain increase. This means that your brain has recognized listening to music as a reward, so you experience a euphoric feeling. Overall, music can make the work seem like fun instead of “work”. If you have experienced mindlessly getting your work done while bobbing your head to your playlist, you may understand this study more than you know!

The Metrics

Studies have shown that while music can help us become more productive, it’s not all that simple. Considering the beats per minute of the music you listen to is very important as well. The range of 50 – 80 bpm (beats per minute) is golden for your work playlist! Here’s a look at some songs that fit within that range:
~ Enemy – Imagine Dragons ft. J.I.D (77 bpm)
~ Perfect – Ed Sheeran (63 bpm)
~ NASA – Ariana Grande (75 bpm)
~ Melt – Kehlani (76 bpm)

The Genres

When curating the perfect work playlist you want to think about more than just a catchy popular tune. As we took in account the bpm above, you also want to think of the genre of music that will keep you at the top of your game.The perfect music to include in your playlist includes genres like: classical, low fidelity (lo-fi), ambient, and cinematic music. There are different benefits provided by these genres, which are listed below.
~ Classical: Classical music provides a relaxed mind. These tunes will put you at ease while creating an environment where you are able to focus. This genre of music works especially well for people who are not able to focus while listening to lyrics.
~ Lo-fi: Lo-fi music is a bit more upbeat in nature. Taking the melodies from genres such as jazz, hip hop, and house music allows for a less structured and more “chill” kind of vibe. This genre is typically known to inspire creativity because of the mixed elements. Remember this genre when you want to pitch a new idea at work!
~ Ambient: Ambient music is comparable to the feeling someone gets after listening to white noise. This genre will leave you feeling stress free during your work day and provide you with some relief. The lack of lyricism and focus on nature sounds allows you to become more focused on the task at hand.
~ Cinematic: Cinematic music also inspires creativity and gives you a jolt of energy when you need it. The intensity of the music will be a change of pace. Think of it as your cup of joe in the morning!