If you’re looking to find a job in 2022, it’s a lot easier if you know which industries have the most vacancies. The following is a list of jobs that are currently in high demand. Find work faster by inquiring after these positions.

Home Health/ Personal Care Aid

The need for home health professionals and personal care aids is skyrocketing this year. Across the US, there is an estimated 1 million job openings in this industry alone. This job will require you to travel to people’s homes, group homes or other settings to provide daily care to patients. You will perform tasks such as taking temperatures, pulses and the blood pressure readings of your patients. Additionally, you will typically administer medications.

Software Developer Quality Assurance Analyst

The tech industry has quite a few job openings currently. An article written for explains what this particular job involves. It says, “Maybe as a user, you are always finding bugs in apps, now you get paid to fix them. You will need a Bachelors degree, but you will be designing and running software tests to find problems and keep the world efficient. You will be involved in the entire process of creating a software program. Developers start by asking the customer how they plan to use the software to identify the core functionality the user needs. You will help determine security requirements. Then, you design the program and work closely with a programmer, who writes the computer code. However, some developers write code themselves.”

Group Fitness Instructors/ Personal Trainers

After a couple years of increased amounts of time at home, many people are ready to shed their Covid weight. This has led to greater demand of personal trainers and group fitness instructors. You don’t need a college degree to do either of these jobs. However, there are many places that prefer personal trainers to have a certification. This job includes walking clients through a customized workout plan, measuring their successes and coaching them throughout the process. Group fitness instructors lead exercise classes for bigger groups of people.


If your calling in life is to manage celebrities, athletes, musicians and entertainers, you’re in luck. Jobs for agents and managers will be increasing by 46% this year. There is also a tremendous amount of potential growth expected over the next 8 years. This job involves negotiating contracts, scouting new talent, and the marketing and promotion of your clients.


Jobs for chefs are on the rise this year. One of the coolest things about this career is that you don’t need a college degree to become an amazing chef. There are many people in this industry who learn through years of experience. There are degrees as well as culinary school you can complete; however, they’re not necessary for you to excel as a chef.

There are many exciting job opportunities available right now. Figure out what sparks your interest and go after the job of your dreams.