You have enough to worry about at work without having to stress about navigating different personalitiy types. Not only can it be tricky, it can also be exhausting trying to figure out how to best manage your coworkers. If you want to skip a whole lot of trial and error, here is a cheat sheet on the major personalities you’ll find in your workplace.

Ambitious Type

This is a great personality type to have around. According to an article written for, “This type of employee is smart, eager to learn and can get along well with the rest of the employee personality types because they don’t like conflict. They are well-balanced individuals that aim for success without losing their sense of humor in the process. They also work well under pressure and can inspire others to follow due to their extroverted personality.” They dislike and avoid conflict which can, at times, hinder growth in the workplace. To best mange this type of person, be sure to check their work for occasional inaccuracies. While this personality type is great at so many things, they aren’t always the most detail oriented. Keep that in mind!


Introvert Type

These are the people who make a company run smoothly. They are the ones who go to work everyday, stay pretty quiet, and get their work done with no problems. This personality type enjoys what they do. However, they are not known to express themselves when they are unhappy. The best way to support this type of worker is to check in with them frequently. Make sure this type of employee doesn’t feel taken for granted. Be aware of their needs and you’ll likely retain them for a long time.



Anxious Type

This personality type is always running around crazy trying to get stuff done, but never seems to actually complete their work. They have problems completing assignments on time, but sometimes work longer hours to try and make up for it. To avoid procrastination problems, encourage them to develop a stronger work/life balance. Also, help them organize their work in ways that feel manageable.


Intense Type

This type of person can be difficult to navigate. An article written for states, “Personalities with lower patience thresholds are the most difficult ones to manage. They may experience sudden bursts of anger or become easily irritated by minor incidents. This behavior may seem irrational at first. Instead of dismissing their anger try to find the source of the irritability. Genuine anger, in most cases, stems from the inability to be heard.” In order to work effectively with this personality type, you must ensure you are frequently communicating with them. Listen to their concerns and implement their good ideas. It will help tremendously in terms of maintaining a positive work environment.


There will always be varying personality types in any workplace. Learn to navigate them so you can create a space where people feel comfortable, happy and productive.