Are you a good employee, but for some reason your good work just doesn’t get noticed? Are you working towards a promotion, but others seem to be handed those opportunities before you? What could you possibly be doing wrong? There have been studies done proving that just being good at a job is not enough. For example, being likeable affects how much your work is appreciated. Here are some tips to help you be more than just a candidate for the next promotional opportunity, but the employee given the new promotion.

Take Initiative

Do not wait around to be told what to do. Look for things that need to be done and do them. It is important to always look productive, actually being productive helps. Sometimes there seems to be down time. Use this time to water plants, wipe things down, dust, sweep. Or show you’re a team player. Ask a coworker if they need a hand. One sure way to get noticed is by taking on a task that no one wants to but that really needs to get done.

Team Work

Be a Friend

Building rapport with coworkers can seem so daunting to some. I mean you spend all day with these people and want to get home to your friends and family. But like mentioned above, being liked gets you noticed. Take an interest in your boss’ and coworkers’ personal lives. There is a book out there called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book is all about how taking an interest in another person’s interests help you to get what you want. People love to talk about themselves; let them. If you can, attend birthday parties or other celebrations. However, remember to stay in control. Don’t drink too much and embarrass yourself.

Speak Up and Be Specific

If you are at a company meeting then speak up with your ideas and compliments. If you compliment someone it always helps to be specific. Instead of saying, “Great job.” Try saying something specific, “I enjoyed how you changed the fonts and colors on your power point.” That’s a silly example, but you get the idea. If you have an idea to improve how things are done or to generate more revenue share them. Even if they aren’t accepted every time making it known that you are thinking about how to advance progress is a great way to get noticed.


Accept Criticism

Put yourself in a mindset that you are comfortable with constructive criticism. Naturally, we fear criticism and tend to avoid it. But often criticism from our superiors is warranted. If you can show them that you can take their criticism and improve on it, then you will make a huge impression.

These tips are sure to help you get promoted. It may take time. And many of these changes won’t happen overnight. Read more in depth here and here. Then get ready to move up the ladder.


Are You the Winner?