Finding the right career can take a few changes. And there are times when you need something different during the stages of your life as you mature. Is nursing the career you need to live a fulfilling life? Nursing is not for every type of person. Take the time to do a little research before quitting for a current day job. Take a look at some essential things to help you decide if nursing is for you.



Unfortunately, becoming a nurse takes more than having a good resume and being a great interviewer. To get into the field of nursing, you need a nursing degree. There are two different nursing tracks you can look into. An Associate’s degree in nursing takes two to three years to complete. There is also a Bachelor’s degree in nursing that will take three to four years to complete. Depending on your dream position, one of the two will be required. Before starting a program, find out which track you need to take to obtain your goal.



There are two aspects of time that you need to consider. The first goes along with the previous topic of education. You need to have the time to study and attend school. This can take some planning to accomplish. The other is the time you will working on the job once you get the position of your dreams. The typical nurse schedule is twelve-hour shifts three days a week. Would this work well for your life or the life of your family? It is not something everyone can or wants to take on.



During a shift, a nurse has to communicate with many different individuals. The first, of course, are the patients that they are caring for. They also have to speak with the doctors, consult with them on treatment, and then relay or execute their directions. Nurses also have to work together for the well-being of everyone in their collective unit. All of these take an excellent level of communication. Those that do not like being around people or talking a lot should not apply. The job would be highly stressful for those with poor communication.



Working twelve hours a day is not for the faint of heart. It takes someone with the stamina to work that long without letting their quality of work fade. In a career as necessary as nursing, those hired need to be able to handle it. People’s lives are on the line, and they deserve the best. Stamina is not just your energy level. There are going to be challenging cases that you need to be able to push through. Helping others when you feel like breaking down is a reality for many nurses.


Do you hit all the requirements? Nursing might be just what you have been looking for in your next career. Nursing is not only essential but a rewarding career.